What is the best app for saving money on gas?

GasBuddy is arguably the best-known gas application, and has existed since 2000. To use the app, users type in their zip code and gas prices appear for various gas stations in their area. Waze is a community-driven app that has 140 million users, but that tells you more than just gas prices. The app designed by Israel is famous for delivering real-time traffic and road updates, including alerts for speed traps, ambulances and future accidents, without using a large amount of data from your phone.

It can also tell you which routes to take to avoid tolls and exactly when you need to leave to get to events or items on your calendar on time. If you're trying to save money on gas, driving at a constant speed below the speed limit is a good idea, and Waze lets you set an audible alert if you exceed the speed limit. Gas Guru is the property of the Yellow Pages. The application interface is a bit more streamlined than some of the other applications, and the data is extracted from the Petroleum Price Information Service, not from the users, so there is no need to waste time updating prices at the stations you use.

When you think of MapQuest, you probably have fond memories of searching for directions to a place, printing them out, and taking them with you on a road trip. But MapQuest has undergone a 21st century makeover and has a fresh new look. Not only can you get the same step-by-step directions you know and love, but you can also have them read aloud accompanied by satellite imagery and live vector maps. MapQuest directions include on-time traffic updates.

You can also share your ETA with friends and family, access roadside assistance, make reservations at your favorite restaurants, and compare prices at nearby gas stations. Participating suppliers, which include more than 45,000 service stations, offer daily deals through Upside, many of which offer a gallon discount when filling the tank. You'll need to save your receipts and take a photo in the app to save money, but you'll get a real cash refund via check or Paypal and discounts on car washes, oil changes, and convenience store purchases. How does Pay with GasBuddy work? Apple App Store preview.

Waze CEO Noam Bardin explains why he left Google 2 weeks ago. Apple App Store preview. AAA mobile. Gas Guru.

Cash Back on Gas %26 Meal. Google Play. The other way around. Earn cash back with every refueling.

Unlike collective gas applications, GasGuru sources its prices directly from the Petroleum Price Information Service (OPIS) and not from other users of the application, so these numbers should be the most accurate. Because GasGuru is owned by Yellow Pages, it's also a good resource for drivers who might need other services, such as finding an auto repair shop when they're away from home. Mapquest is ideal for long road trips because you can map out your entire route and find cheap gas along the way. In the browser, Mapquest provides estimated fuel cost calculations for the routes you create based on the average MPG vehicles configured in your account.

This function will be available soon in the application's route planner. Since Mapquest also offers step-by-step directions after plotting the best route, it also helps you save by getting to your destination more efficiently. According to Tom Melhuish, an expert in the energy industry, applications that show delays in traffic, accidents and construction “reduce traffic downtime, which can consume a lot of gasoline. Additional features include roadside assistance, real-time traffic updates, and the ability to share your ETA.

Using Waze, which is owned by Google, you can search for “gasoline” and the app will show all the gas stations near you, plus the price per gallon, with a breakdown by fuel grade. Waze also helps drivers chart the best route to avoid traffic and announces road hazards, accidents and police activity. This information comes from more than 130 million users. Like Waze, Google Maps allows you to search for gasoline along your route, filtering it by price, make and distance.

But Google Maps also offers green routes, indicating the most fuel-efficient option with a green and white leaf. According to Google, “Green routes have the potential to avoid more than one million tons of carbon emissions per year, which is equivalent to removing more than 200,000 cars from the road. GetUpside is a free app that gives you cash on gas and other things like groceries and restaurants. The GetUpside app is quick and easy to use.

Just open the app to see offers near you, pay with any credit or debit card and take a picture of your receipt. You'll earn cash refunds to your GetUpside account and can withdraw them whenever you want via PayPal, check or e-gift card. GetUpside works with major brands such as Shell, Exxon, BP and more. See gas prices at more than 4000 nearby stations and earn a real rebate every time you refuel.

You can see my full review on GetUpside here. Gas Buddy will help you save on gas by locating the best and cheapest gas stations in your area. Gas Guru helps you save time, effort and money before you hit the road. Quickly find the best gas prices near you.

With Gas Guru, you can tag and save your frequent locations for easy access to up-to-date prices. You can even save a few extra pennies by comparing the price of gasoline near work, home, or other favorite places to find the cheapest one available. Tap to get directions, see the time of the last price update, and more. Download Gas Guru on Google Play.

This app is especially good for people who work on the road and travel a lot. Route4Me presents your route in multiple formats and also offers a map interface, so whatever you prefer. Gas Manager is for anyone who wants to learn more about their fuel consumption. It will provide all kinds of information by tracking fuel consumption, price, cost per mile, monthly mileage and more.

Designed for anyone who owns one or more vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc. Waze app provides real-time traffic updates. You can save time and gas by avoiding traffic jams. With Waze you'll always know what's going on on the road.

Even if you know the way, Waze informs you about traffic, construction, police, accidents and more in real time. If there is a lot of traffic on your route, Waze will change it to save time. Trunow is another rebate similar to the GetUpside app that offers savings on every gallon of fuel purchased. Waze is a navigation application that offers one of the functions that allows you to check and compare the current fuel rate at nearby gas stations.

Gasbuddy is an application and website that allows users to check fuel prices in real time within walking distance of their locations. To start saving on your gas purchase, you need to get the GasBuddy debit card, which is completely free and makes it easy to save money on gas. Once you use the cards to buy gas, GasBuddy debit cards will automatically deduct the amount for each gallon. Therefore, I recommend Gasbuddy, but the only thing is that I don't like that you have to get debit cards to save money on your gas purchase.

Gas Guru is a free app that helps you find the fastest and easiest way to find cheap gas nearby. If you are someone who likes to save money, save time, spend quality time with family and friends, then use the Gas Guru app. Gas Manager is an easy and free way to track your fuel economy. So if you want to save money, download Gas Manager now on the iOS App Store or Google Play today.

According to a recent Gasbuddy study, Monday is the day you can buy gasoline at the cheapest price compared to other days of the week. Another indirect way to save money on gas is to get smart navigation apps like Waze, which offer efficient routes that will save you time and distance so you can use less gas and get to your destination faster. GasBuddy is the most popular gasoline app. It's free and all you need is your zip code or your phone's location services, and you get the lowest price near you.

There are many different types of applications that can help reduce the amount a person or company spends on gasoline and diesel fuel. They include apps that can help you find the best prices, apps that offer fuel rewards, and apps that help reduce your gasoline consumption. To get started, simply download the app to your iPhone or Android device and choose to share your location with the app. With gas prices at all-time highs and people's household budgets at the limit, anything that can help save a few dollars on fuel is worth a look.

The worst thing that can happen is that you won't save as much as you expected based on the effort required to get the rewards. The app also offers you personalized offers on your favorite items in the store, so if you want to have a snack or a drink, you still save. With the rising cost of refueling at the gas station, now is a good time to start looking for ways to save. Once you've filled it up, pay at the pump with the free Gasbuddy fuel card, which saves you up to 25 cents per gallon.

You'll likely get targeted ads online when you use Receipt Hog based on your purchase history, but that happens whenever I search for something online once anyway. If you're one of those people who's looking for a way to save money on gas, you might want to consider downloading one of these apps that I've mentioned in the next section of this post. The company says you can save up to 25 cents per gallon by activating in-app deal alerts and paying with your GasBuddy card at the pump. If you get your car insurance through Geico, you can search for gas through the accompanying Apple and Android apps, and in addition to the quick search option, the apps offer Geico Explore, a cutting-edge augmented reality feature that uses your phone's camera to locate gas stations with prices close to you.

Best of all, you can download the app for free and see local gas prices right away — no account needed. With world events catapulting fuel prices to new highs, saving money on gas can seem like an extreme sport. Most major chains also have loyalty programs that can help you save on gas, so if you're a regular at Royal Farms, Speedway, Exxon or somewhere else, try their apps as well. However, a fun aspect is that the app allows you to choose between withdrawing money to your PayPal account or choosing a gift card for places like Amazon, Starbucks, AMC Theatres, and more.

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